Recent Bans on Plastic Bags in the United States October 28 2013

Plastic bags have been the subject of much controversy lately in the United States. On June 26, 2013, the city of Los Angeles, California voted to ban plastic bags because of the environmental cost from their disposal in landfills and their presence in water ways and the ocean. The law goes into effect on January 1, 2014. Los Angeles is the largest city in the world to pass a measure...

Bolsalista Just In Case Bag Is Compact For Convenient Use September 18 2013

Bolsalista's Just In Case bag is yet another option in a line of bags that Bolsalista has put out for shoppers who want to be fashion forward as well as environmentally conscious. Reusable shopping bags are the latest trend among smart grocery shoppers who want to avoid fees while simultaneously doing their part to help keep the environment clean. The Just In Case bag is compact and designed with an...

Smartbag Thermo - Reusable Insulated Shopping Bag September 18 2013

The Smartbag Thermo - insulated grocery bag with zippered closure. By far the most popular and eye-catching Smartbag. The most stylish shoping bag you will ever take with you. Why walk through the store with a wad of random shopping bags when you …

The Bolsalista Smartbag Thermo Keeps Your Lunch Cool in a Reusable Bag September 04 2013

The Bolsalista Smartbag Thermo is a great way to keep your groceries cool while being environmentally conscious. Bolsalista is moving into the future and becoming more forward thinking by offering reusable bags for the shoppers who want to reduce their personal part in creating waste and pollution by becoming simpler and eco conscious. Bolsalista offers the latest in fashionable, reusable shopping totes with many varieties of eco-friendly and fashionable bags....

Today is the last day to vote September 02 2013

As most of you know, Bolsalista’s reusable shopping bags have been selected to participate in the Walmart's Get on the Shelf competition.  Today is the last day to vote.  You can vote one time for each product entered.  Please get out there and vote today.  We can eliminate the plastic bag waste at Walmart with your help. Typical Walmart checkout:

All new is live today! August 29 2013

Visit for #bagban news #DitchThePlastic

NY Food Startups and Plastic Bags August 28 2013

We see this tweet today: Three Freshly Sprouted Startups on the NYC Local Food Scene #FoodSystems — Sustainable Brands (@SustainBrands) August 28, 2013 It is great that more businesses are focusing on local food and sustainable business practices.  But New York does not yet have a #bagban in effect.  They have plastic bag recycling programs that require stores giving out plastic bags to also accept them for recycling.  ...

My Favorite Reusable Bags August 28 2013

I bought a small, green, reusable bag about 8 years ago that folded into a small pouch.  I used this bag so much and thought it was so great that I bought one for every person on my Christmas list the same year.  This little reusable bag in a pouch was the inspiration for our . What could make using your own, reusable bag and avoiding bag fees and the...

Opt-In #bagban August 27 2013

I found this story today about Durango, Colorado’s bag law that went into effect earlier this month, which is not actually a plastic bag ban.  We will have to watch and see if this law has an effect on the number of reusable bags being brought in by customers in this area. According to the author’s research only 4 stores in Durango are subject to the bag law and are...

Smartkit - Set of Reusable Grocery Bags with Insulated Carrier August 27 2013

  The Smartkit, with its Smartbag Thermo insulated grocery bag and 2 Smartbag Basic reusable shopping bag is just one many great Bolsalista products.  Find more reusable shopping bags at  

Please share the Smartkit and Just in Case August 06 2013

We need your help!     Bolsalista has been selected to participate in Walmart’s Get on the Shelf competition for 2013.  Through September 2nd voting will be taking place via the Get on the Shelf website.  The semi finalists will all be featured in a video series about the competition.  The finalists’ products will be featured on and the winners will also be stocked in all Walmart stores.   ...

Our first ever documentary about the Bolsalista Smartkit July 31 2013

Our first ever documentary about the Bolsalista Smartkit set of reusable shopping bags that includes one insulated shopping bag, the Smartbag Thermo, and two reusable shopping bags,the Smartbag Basic.   This set is enterered in the 2013 Walmart Get on the Shelf competition.  You can place your vote at through September 2nd, 2013.
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